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What Are Spur Straps Used For?

Spur straps are used to attach various types of spurs to a rider's boots. Spurs provide an additional means of communication from the rider’s legs so that they can more accurately control their horse's movement during different maneuvers. Straps allow the spurs to sit snuggly against the rider's boot without moving while riding.

Types of Spurs and Straps

Spurs and spur straps come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different disciplines and training requirements. Visentin Equestrian spur straps are English spur straps designed to be used with English style spurs.

How to Put Spur Straps On Your Spurs

The first step to attaching your spur straps to your spurs is to check if your spurs have a left and right. This doesn't apply to all spurs, however, some have one arm longer than the other. The longer arm goes to the outside of your boot. Similarly, it is important to ensure you're not putting your spurs upside down - the neck or shank of the spur should be tilted downwards towards the ground. Some spurs may also have a printed or engraved logo so you can easily check which is the right way up, and which is the outside (a logo will typically sit to the outside so it remains readable while worn).

Secondly, as you're threading your spur straps, you should ensure the buckle is situated on the outside, so it sits on your boot away from the horse, to prevent any uncomfortable rubbing.

How to Put On Spur Straps

Once you have worked out which way your spur needs to sit, you can begin threading the spur strap.

Ensure the buckle is facing to the outside, and insert the end of the strap into the top ---------- from the inside, towards the outside. Then thread the strap back through the bottom ------- to the inside. The middle bar should be covered by the strap on the outside.

How far you thread the strap through will depend on your foot size and where you prefer the buckle to sit. Generally leaving a few centimetres before the buckle works well.

You'll now need to do the same on the other side. Leaving enough space for the strap to sit around the base of your boot (just in front of the heel) begin to thread the strap back through the opposite arm. This time begin by threading the strap up through the bottom --------- from the inside to the outside, and then back through the top from the outside to the inside, again ensuring the middle bar is covered by the strap on the outside (this avoids unnecessary pressure on your foot).

Now that you've put your spur straps on your chosen spurs, they're ready to attach to your boot!

How to Put Spurs On Your Boots

Which way do spurs go.

Some boots have a spur shelf.

Where to tuck excess strap.

How to Prevent Spurs Rubbing on Your Boots

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